We can help you with COVID-19 related business and legal challenges. Click here to visit our COVID-19 HUB with our latest updates and resources

COVID-19 Hub

There's lots we can do to help you with COVID-19 related commercial and legal challenges arising from the significant business and market disruption we're experiencing.  Using our industry sector expertise and understanding we are continually monitoring the legal, regulatory and commercial implications for the funds management and real estate industries.

Our team is currently developing new practical updates and resources to keep you informed, so please check back here regularly for the latest updates.

Latest updates

09.09.20 | Protection for bankruptcy extended | Selina Nutley | Siobhan Luck

03.09.20 | ASIC now looking beyond the pandemic | Elliott Stumm | Langton Clarke

13.08.20 | ASIC reminds REs to ensure valuations are regular, robust and reasonable | Elliott Stumm | Sean McMahon

23.07.20 | Will COVID rent relief be extended? | Kristy Dorney

15.06.20 | Investment funds told to correct advertising and disclosure | ASIC

15.06.20 | ASIC's Interim Corporate Plan for 2020-21 | ASIC

08.06.20 | Queensland's new commercial leasing code for rent relief – tips and traps | Kristy Dorney | Helen Wu

05.06.20 | Toolkit for Fund Managers | Langton Clarke | Sean McMahon