Issue 18, February 2017

Welcome to the first edition of Fundamental for 2017.

In this edition, managing partner Sean McMahon chats with Rob Shand, Blue Sky's Managing Director, about the next generation of investments, the impact of the Trump administration on Blue Sky's US business, and the opportunities for growth.

We take a close look at the Federal Government's proposed new responsibilities for issuers and distributors of financial products and a new product intervention power for ASIC which have far-reaching implications for the industry.

We start off the year with the latest updates on:

  • how to avoid disputes over bank guarantees
  • whether trustees should get court approval before commencing or defending litigation
  • reforms to the Commercial Building Disclosure Program
  • the new licensing exemption for fintech businesses
  • how cooling off rights operate for interests in registered managed investment schemes
  • when is a deposit a penalty?
  • tenant security
  • ASIC's report on marketing IPOs in an increasingly digital world.

We hope 2017 is a successful year for you and extend our best wishes for the year ahead.

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