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Issue 30, February 2020

Welcome to the first edition of Fundamental for 2020 where we feature an interview with Primewest Group director David Schwartz.

With the fallout from the Hayne Royal Commission still being felt today, we examine some of the latest activity in the funds management and financial services space, including:

  • the Exposure Draft Bills implementing the final recommendations of the Hayne Royal Commission
  • the merits of the rule allowing listed investment company and listed investment trust operators to pay 'stamping fees' to brokers and advisers
  • ASIC's proposed guidance on how it plans to administer the new financial product design and distribution obligations
  • the increased enforcement activity and investigation by government regulatory bodies
  • the surprise blowout in ASIC's industry funding levies.

Then, turning our focus to the real estate industry, we review some important issues and latest developments:

  • terminating a lease without a notice to remedy
  • the appropriate methodology for calculating infrastructure charges
  • the new project bank account system for private developments.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Fundamental and we welcome your feedback.

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