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Siobhan Luck


Siobhan has broad experience in commercial disputes and litigation, particularly contractual and corporate disputes, across a range of industries.

She previously worked with a boutique Melbourne firm specialising in commercial litigation, administrative and corporate law.

Recent Work

Some key transactions Siobhan has recently been involved in include:

  • Federal Court proceedings – Siobhan prepared Federal Court proceedings, which settled successfully at mediation, against the distributor and manufacturer of an aeroplane which did not meet Civil Aviation Security Authority standards.
  • Incorporated association dispute – Siobhan advised a sporting club on proceedings brought by the club's landlord and a club member.
  • Family business dispute – Siobhan advised the members of a large farming family involved in a dispute about the family business and related properties and trusts which was successfully resolved at mediation.
  • Shareholder dispute – Siobhan advised a minority shareholder on their rights in relation to oppressive conduct by the majority shareholder and related international entities.
  • State Fisheries Authority dispute – Siobhan advised a large commercial fishing company in proceedings against the Victorian Fisheries Authority involving the grant of an aquaculture permit which ultimately settled at mediation.
  • Health Professional Review Tribunal – Siobhan was part of a team that successfully advised a medical professional on the attempted revocation of their medical licence before the Tribunal and Northern Territory Supreme Court.

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Siobhan Luck


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