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We understand that getting acquisition structuring correct up front is key to the successful execution of property transactions. This is particularly the case for structures involving property trusts and other forms of property syndicates.

We also have vast experience in joint ventures, management agreements, project management agreements and similar arrangements between collective investors.

Examples of our work

Land Equity Group – drafting and negotiating a joint venture agreement between a Brisbane based developer and a foreign investor involving a range of retail, commercial and light industrial developments in South East Queensland.

Grant Thornton Properties – acting for an investment trust which teamed with one of South East Queensland's largest developers for the development of an office tower at Springfield. The project was structured as a "full fund through" development arrangement.

Ray White Invest – developing joint venture arrangements for projects as diverse as residential developments, office developments and the redevelopment of shopping centre sites. The documentation involves sophisticated drafting of profit share arrangements and the rules regulating the funding and management of the developments through the various stages.

Investment through a debt structure – successfully structuring projects where investment from a joint venture party is structured as debt to minimise tax and duty implications. This usually involves the investor taking a second mortgage position behind the senior debt financier and drafting "custom made" security documents and significant negotiations.

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