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Toolkit for Fund Managers – June 2020

COVID-19 is a formula for continued uncertainty, and it is impossible to foresee how the funds management landscape will look in a post-COVID world. But what we do know is the game has changed, the rules are different, and we need to think and act differently.

While Australians have been very compliant and successfully 'flattened the curve', our attention now turns to what happens next. How do we begin to return to normal, but at the same time balance the need to limit the spread of COVID-19?

In speaking with our clients and colleagues in the funds management industry, there is a strong desire to return to a sense of normality, but (admittedly from a small sample size) it would seem the consensus is a 'V-shaped' recovery is unlikely. We use the phrase 'V-shaped' not just in the financial context, but also in the context of how we work and interact with each other. The pandemic has driven several changes in the way we do business. Some of those changes will be temporary; others may well be permanent.

What now?

Now is the time to shift focus and for thoughtful action to prepare for the next phase.

With that in mind, we have prepared this Toolkit to consolidate our thinking and commentary on some of the issues which our clients must manage in the coming months.

We hope you find our Toolkit for Fund Managers practical and informative. Our team is available to help guide your business so that you are best placed to manage and mitigate risk and seize new opportunities.


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