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Toolkit for Fund Managers – October 2020

As Victoria slowly emerges from lockdown and the COVID crisis continues to create a world of uncertainty, many fund managers are asking: Where to now?

Over the last six months, businesses have had to make so many changes so quickly, acting with resolve and resilience to deal with these unique and unexpected circumstances.

But there is now a new sense of thinking about what actions need to be taken to rebuild and emerge stronger in the next phase – to act rather than react.

In this second edition of our Toolkit for Fund Managers we have gathered some of our top insights about what fund managers can, and perhaps, should, be doing to reset for the road ahead. You can also review the first edition of our Toolkit for Fund Managers.

We start with tips to avoid ASIC's advertising axe, a step-by-step guide for what responsible entities need to do to process hardship withdrawals, and a cyber resilience health check, and then move on to a readiness self-assessment for ASIC's new laws and policies and a reminder about continuous disclosure obligations.

Finally, we feature a special contribution from property valuer and adviser Greg Preston from Preston Rowe Paterson where he reflects on market evolution since the onset of the pandemic and what might come next.

We hope our Toolkit for Fund Managers provides a useful framework for your business decision-making for the longer term. Our team is available to help guide your business so that you are best placed to manage and mitigate risk and seize new opportunities.


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