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What do you need to know about the CCIV regime?

The corporate collective investment vehicle (CCIV) regime, the long-awaited alternative to managed investment schemes for the Australian managed funds industry, has been a reality since July 2022.

In an industry milestone, McMahon Clarke secured the first AFS licence in Australia authorising a person to operate a CCIV. We also worked with a client to make the first public offer for investment in a CCIV in Australia.

Read our CCIV Guide

Download the latest edition of our CCIV Guide for details about the steps to get started and how to launch a CCIV product in the market. We can help you get the authorisations you need and launch your CCIV product. If now is not the time, then we can help you position yourself so you can jump in when you are ready.

As the framework is new, we expect aspects of the regulatory regime will continue to evolve. We are keeping a close eye on further developments and will keep you up to date with practical insights and any changes.

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It is important you receive the right advice at the right time before making any decisions. We have been tracking the development of the CCIV for years and encourage you to contact us so we can discuss whether and how the vehicle may benefit your business.  Get in touch with partner Elliott Stumm or a member of our Funds Management team for help understanding the new regime.



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